One thought on “Repost – PEACE ~ A Divine Weapon

  • Joe,

    This is a really good reminder and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Peace is our strength through the storm of life. The alternative is misery.

    I wanted to tell you that my 30 day sabbatical from New Covenant is over. I feel very rested and now understand why I was subjected to this separation by the Lord. Perspective is agood thing. I will be returning. I haven’t heard from Matt since fireworks so I don’t know if he wants me playing yet or not, but I will abide accordingly. I’m not worried about it either way.

    I made one mistake that I want to address. As you may or may not have noticed I have become very fond of Viktoriya. She is delightful to Rhonda and I. She has also expressed interest in our other extracurricular activities. I made the mistake of inviting her to a new Moon celebration on the same night of the Ekklesia. When she told me that she was going to go to her Ekklesia and that there is no way she could miss that I was very convicted by my testimony to you that I would not be undermining your teachings or meetings in anyway shape or form. That is my word and I plan on abiding by it. Please forgive me for this indiscretion accordingly. I will take extra precautions to see that it does not happen again.

    I love you very much and I appreciate your ministry to my life very very much! I will see you Sunday.

    Blessings in His Name,


    Russell Hunt The Computer Guy 700 N Grand Ave Independence MO 64050 (816) 833-4475


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