Identity Theft

i·den·ti·ty, [ˌīˈden(t)ədē] – The distinguishing character, nature and essence, including the personality of an individual. A state of being. The condition of being the same with something or someone. The relation established by psychological identification.

Sadly, many people have had their identity stolen. In 2004, approximately 6 million people in the United States alone were the victims of identity theft. And in 2016 there were over 15 million identity theft victims, nearly one every two seconds. This resulted in an estimated total cost to Americans of $53 billion, an approximate loss of $3,500 per person! The epidemic problem of identity theft carries a prophetic message we cannot ignore.

Today we are confronted with gender confusion. When some do not even know if they are male or female by their created biological uniqueness we have a major identity crisis on our hands. Businesses are allowing men and women, boys and girls, to use the same restrooms and fitting rooms. Some school districts around the country are allowing biological boys who “identify” as a girl use the girl’s locker room and vice versa.

Yes, we have a serious identity problem!

There are consequences when we reject the absolute truth of God or as God’s people we are just ignorant of His Word. Hosea 4:6 tells us that the people of God perish for a lack of knowledge.

God created man as a creature with needs. Outside the basic needs of physical survival, such as food, water and shelter, we also have spiritual and emotional needs such as a need to worship someone or something perceived as higher than ourselves, the need to be loved, a need for companionship, the need to reproduce, the need to feel understood, and the need to be creative and productive, etc. However, the greatest of these is the need to be loved. This need is so deep, that we will go to any lengths to satisfy it whether in relationships, work, sports, hobbies, money, sex, material things, in our clothing and how we dress, or being consumed with our body and appearance. We can become man-pleasers, always concerned about how we are perceived by others. There is a drive within us that makes us feel that we must have something, be something, or do something to be noticed, loved and appreciated. Our society is filled with it. Advertising and marketing capitalize on this need within us. Songs have been written and filled with these needs. TV shows, movies, books, magazines, billboards, signs, all sending messages to us dozens of times a day on how we can fulfill these needs. Buy this! Eat this! Wear this! Take this! Smear this on! Live like this! Constantly reminding us we are missing something. The truth is we might be, but it is not found in the next purchase, the next accomplishment, the next job or next human relationship. Oh, we may find temporary pleasure and fulfillment from these things. But it doesn’t last. It soon wears off. Why? Because we weren’t created to get this need, the need to be loved, fulfilled by those things.

If this need to be loved is not met the way God intended, at best, it can leave us with a feeling that something is always missing, a sense of anxiety and striving for the next accomplishment which could lead to much worse. At worse, it can lead directly into the darkness of depression and isolation where alleviation and comfort may be sought in more addictive behaviors like alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, pornography and even suicide.

God created every human being with the need to be loved. He also provided the way for this need to be met – by Him. Simply by receiving love from Him. The unconditional love of the one true Father God. Only when we receive the love of God into our heart can we begin to heal and experience the abundant life the way God intended. God is Love and love is at the core of who and what we are. Without love we are noisy gongs and clanging cymbals. Without love we are nothing, 1 Cor. 13.

One of the truths of 2 Corinthians 3:5 is that no man is sufficient unto himself. “Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God,” In other words, we don’t have the internal resources to supply our own needs in such a way that we feel ultimate wholeness and peace. This is a reason why so many people are striving so hard looking for the next “thing”; the next job or career, the next accomplishment, another move, the next relationship or even question their gender identity. Always looking for that missing piece that might bring fulfillment in their life. If only I had this or if I were doing that. It isn’t much different with many Christians either. We are just good at spiritualizing things and making our decisions sound like God is leading us. We go from one church to another, one job to another, we move to a different house or even another state. We go from conference to conference, work shop to work shop and chase certain speakers and ministers looking for the next spiritual buzz, the next revelation, the missing key of understanding, physical healing, emotion healing, searching for that missing piece. So, when we become followers of Christ, we enter our new life hindered, or wounded, and we have an enemy who wants to keep us that way.

We can break this cycle! Who will set me free from this condition?  Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

To begin, we must know how much God really does love us and how affectionate He is toward us and receive His love in our heart. His love will set us free and heal our hearts. Then we must learn our true identity, who and what we are, according to God’s definition.

As a man thinks within himself, so is he.

More to come…

Joe Nicola

Author of Ekklesia; The Government of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”

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