Part 3 ~ The Elijah Generation

This is part three of a series on the Jezebel spirit. Please refer to the first two blog posts.

The Jezebel spirit not only believes it is above the law, it believes it is the law and will try to convince us of this lie. The power of this spirit lies within its ability to stay hidden and work behind the scenes. Jezebel wasn’t the king she was the queen, the puppet master pulling the strings. As long as we are ignorant of this spirit and its schemes, it has the upper hand. We are in trouble if we do not believe we have an enemy and we do not know the tactics he uses against us. We must not be ignorant of our enemies’ schemes, 2 Cor. 2:10. We do not war against flesh and blood…, Ephesians 6. However, we do war. 

It is evident this spirit is working in our nation; in politics, the media, our families and our congregations. Why? Because we are tolerating it. I believe we have gone beyond tolerating it to accepting it, mostly out of ignorance. Since Jesus told the ekklesia they were tolerating Jezebel He was also implying we shouldn’t be tolerating it. Not only that, He already gave us the authority and power to overcome this spirit and drive it out!

What made Jezebel a Jezebel is also what makes us vulnerable to its influence.

First, we must drive out any idol worship in our own lives. We cannot overcome Jezebel with the same spirit operating in us. We must operate in a different spirit than that of our enemy. The main idol we worship is “self”. Self is at the core of all other idols. Idols of convenience, entertainment, self-image, self-gratification, children, spouse, money, success, glory, etc. Simply stated an idol is anything or anyone that we are devoted to more than Christ Jesus. It is the same motivation of Satan; he is all about himself and ever trying to redirect our worship. This is why Jesus told us; “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it, Matt 16:24-25. The word “must” does not mean it is optional.

The idol in modern day America is “self”. 

Elijah represents the voice of God and the will of God in the earth. Jezebel on the other hand, represents the will of Hell to silence the voice of God and stop the will of God from being accomplished on the earth. Satan always reacts to what God is doing, not the other way around. God didn’t send Elijah because there was a Jezebel. Jezebel showed up because there was an Elijah coming. Jezebel is no match for the spirit of Elijah. Elijah demonstrated the power of God to all Israel and then killed 850 false prophets of Jezebel, 1 Kings 18. Take note; when we are submitted to the Lord operating in faith, Jezebel cannot stop us. 

God didn’t send Elijah because there was a Jezebel. Jezebel showed up because there was an Elijah coming.

Long after Elijah, Malachi prophesied that Elijah was coming to restore the hearts of Father’s to their children and children to their fathers, Mal. 4:6. Not the first man named Elijah but, the “spirit” of Elijah was coming. In response to a question from His disciples, Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah and He also said that Elijah is coming and will restore all things, Matt 17:11. Among the many similarities between Elijah and John the Baptist, they both dressed alike and were rough looking. They both dwelled in the wilderness and had interesting diets. They both confronted wicked kings of their day and both were harassed by Jezebel. John lost his head at the hands of this wicked spirit. 

So, we have the man Elijah, then John the Baptist who had the spirit of Elijah and then another Elijah; the spirit of Elijah that is coming Jesus said. Jesus also said he (Elijah) will restore all things. Who is this other Elijah? We are! The Ekklesia. The spirit of Elijah is not on just one man as it was with Elijah and John the Baptist. It is on a generation of born-again children of God baptized in the Holy Spirit with explosive power. In a similar way, Jesus said it was better for Him to leave so the Holy Spirit would come and fill a generation of people with the presence and power of Christ. 

We are an Elijah generation that is to function as one new man in the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus said Elijah will restore all things. We are living in a period of the restoration of all things, Acts 3:20. God the Father also said to Jesus; “Sit at My right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet”, Luke 20:42-43, Psalm 110:1. Who is He going to use to make His enemies a footstool? 

An Elijah generation is here and rising!

Joe Nicola