The Reaction is Worse than the Virus

Why are we allowing a virus with a 1.33% mortality rate to cause fear, worry and anxiety that will have long term affects on people? Why are we destroying our economy and forcing people into hiding for a virus that has a 98.67% survival rate.

We are sequestering the healthy instead of the most vulnerable. Take a look at how the Netherlands are responding. The over reaction caused by fear to this virus will be worse than the virus itself if not stopped very quickly. The government is taking more and more control of our lives. People are so willing to give up freedom for the threat of their health and fear of death without taking a look at the facts, only by what they are being told.

Is the virus even the the issue causing all this? A question that needs an answer. The statistics of this virus do not substantiate the reaction to it. No one wants anyone to get sick much less die. I do not want to sound insensitive, however, we need to look at facts and seek truth. We should NEVER be led by fear nor panic. It causes people to say and do irrational things. Here are couple real stats happening every day in America; 1,660 people die every day from cancer. Over 606,000 Americans will die this year from cancer and we are in fear and panic, shutting down our nation and destroying our economy for a virus that has killed 15,430 people worldwide and 473 in our nation, so far. It would have to be nearly 40 times worse than it is right now world wide equal all of the cancer deaths (606,000) in the U.S. alone. A lot of people, no doubt, but no where near cancer deaths or abortions, which are near 3,000 a day in the US and 125,000 a day world wide.

The cruise ships are a good example of how CoVid-19 has affected people or not affected people. Here is what Dr Amesh Adalja, with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Business Insider about quarantining passengers on a cruise ship allows “the virus to literally pick them off one-by-one”. “The whole idea of the cruise ship quarantine was ill-conceived, and the resultant slew of infections it spawned was completely predictable,” he said. Slew of infections? Anytime you put thousands of people in a very close proximity you could have virus spread. Cruise ships are notorious for sicknesses. If we take a look at the stats from two cruise ships that had a CoVid-19 outbreak which had mostly elderly people on them we will see that the “slew of infections” of the “highly contagious virus” does not materialize as being reported. (See the PowerPoint stats at the bottom of the CoVid – 19 page. It has been updated).

We need to pray for our politicians as they are making these decisions that affect every person. The fear, worry and anxiety are real and they too will have lasting health effects. The Family of God needs to be engaged and available for people at this time. We will need to be creative with a “Stay at Home Order”. There will be a re-set in much our our nation and the world which we at NCM have prophesied for a couple years. It is needed. Many things need to change. Some churches will not make it and close their doors. Some small businesses will not make it either. There will be some permanent change, some good and some not.

During the Great Recession there were between 10 – 14,000 suicides. Scripture tells us, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken, Luke 21:26-27. Serious situation as 132 people die by suicide every day in America already.

Our enemies, both spiritual and natural, are watching how this affects us and how we handle this. They are taking notes. This could be, no, this should be our finest hour. Jesus said He was building an Ekklesia, not a church. Churches are closed. The Ekklesia is not. This is the time for the Ekklesia to rise and decree the will of God. This is the time to act for God. It is not a time to party and ride it out if you part of the Ekklesia. Everyone has a place on the Net if you remember the vision, if not it is located on the Prophetic Words page of Do not abdicate the authority the Lord has entrusted you with at this time.

Those who have been building their lives on the Rock will survive any storm. This who haven’t, well…

“Those who have been seeking My kingdom and My righteousness…those who are invested in My kingdom will be taken care of”

Joe Nicola

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