Our President is Back!

If you didn’t watch the Fox News Virtual Town Hall with the President today, I will fill you in. The President is back! As I mentioned in a previous blog he seemed to be under the influence of so-called experts and a Jezebel spirit. We prayed, decreed and prophesied in our ekklesia assembly last Wednesday and this past Sunday and we have now seen a turn. Thank you, those of you who also prayed.

The President today pretty much admitted to being influenced to shut the nation down and then he said, “and we are supposed to pay people not to go to work!” Amazing! Sounds like Liberal-Socialists-Globalists-Communists working behind the scenes. He mentioned two or three times that he knows some “doctors” who want to shut the country down for two years. It is not a coincidence that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been missing from these addresses. I also mentioned that something was up with this doctor.

Getting people back to work and the country moving again is what the president spoke about the majority of the time. He said the cure is worse than the virus! He said he wants to get the country back open by Easter. That’s 2 1/2 weeks, much better, but still too long in my opinion. He talked about people falling to depression and suicide if this continues. He mentioned more people will die this year due to the flu. Much of what he said is what I have been saying and we have been praying about.

The Surgeon General said today that 90% of the people with symptoms being tested for CoVid-19 do not have it! He also said, as we already know, 98-99% will recover even if they do get it!

Dr. Birx (WH Virus task force doctor) said yesterday the majority of the mortality coming from Europe are over 50 and having three or more pre-existing conditions.

By the way, the Liberals are trying to put all kinds of Socialistic junk in this 3rd stimulus bill like pieces of the Green New Deal. Keep praying and decreeing the will of God. Also pray for our mayors, governors and county executives, that are making decisions locally. The Lord has allowed us to partner with Him to turn the heart of kings like channels of water! As the Ekklesia comes into maturity, it will be leading the nations.

Joe Nicola

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