Questions for Consideration

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them..,Eph 5:11.

I cannot shake it. Something very sinister and diabolical is going on and a dangerous precedent is being set. “They” were successful at getting the world to cooperate by using fear (and group think) of a “deadly virus” to implement more of their agenda, part of which is to destroy America and remove this president by attempting to get the people do to it this time through election. CoVid-19 is a real virus and it is making people sick and some are dying. We are told this virus is three times more contagious than the seasonal flu. I do not wish to make light or seem insensitive. Perhaps this has it you close to home. There are people really struggling with this virus and others have lost loved ones to it. Or, maybe you are a health care worker and in the midst of it every day. However, there is major overreaction to this virus around the world, not just our country. The reaction and the overreaction are what I have been blogging about. When you focus your attention on a problem, all you see is the problem and the possible consequences of that problem and it can become very overwhelming. That is one reason we are exhorted in scripture to focus on Christ and focus our minds on the things listed in Philippians 4:8. The overreaction to CoVid-19 is fascinating, especially when compared to other things that cause death. Look at the numbers and do the research for yourself.

We are told to “Social Distance”, “Shelter in Place”, “Stay at Home”, “Isolate”. No, not the most vulnerable to this virus, but everyone! We are told not to touch each other, keep six feet apart, don’t go to a restaurant and sit down and eat. Just to make sure you don’t we will close all of them with the fear of penalty if they disobey. Don’t meet as a church congregation or in groups of more than 10. Just so you don’t, we order churches to close. You must isolate yourself. Be in a 14 day quarantine if you have been certain places.

CoVid-19, even if you do come down with it, which currently only .026% of the US population has, there is only a 1.5% chance of it being fatal! A 98.5% chance of survival. Dr. Saphiere has said that we are seeing some positive signs that the virus is not spreading as rapidly as it has. This virus would have to be 466 times worse than it is right now to equal the number of cancer deaths in the US alone! Now, if you have a compromised immune system, like having 3 or more preexisting conditions, as Dr. Birx said, you very well could have serious complications and your chances of dying are greatly increased. That is also true of other viruses, like the seasonal flu, which a minimum of 23,000 people have already died this flu season in the US according to the CDC.

We are told we may be a “carrier” of this deadly virus and not even know it. Therefore, we could infect others and we wouldn’t want to do that. There is some truth to that. We are told the virus can live on paper and counter tops for days. I would think then that everyone or at least half of the people on the two Princess cruise ships would have contracted this virus and most of them died, but they didn’t. 

Look at it from a different perspective. Using fear to epic proportions, telling us that we may be a “carrier” that controls our movement, who we are around, eating at a restaurant, if we can conduct business or attend religious services….think about that! Think about the implications it is having right now and the possible future implications! For many, it is worth destroying our economy and people’s livelihoods, or is something else going on? A worldwide financial pandemic is being created. 

Many of us are told to go home and stay there. It is for your “safety” and the “safety” of others, they say. Remember that. 

Why is over one-third of the world’s population (nearly 3 billion people) on lock down due to this virus when so many other things are more deadly? This is more people than were even alive to witness World War II. Take India for example; India has a population of 1.3 billion people and they are on a national lockdown since Tuesday, March 24. Do you know how many people are infected with CoVid-19 in India so far? 874 and 20 have died out of a population of 1.3 billion! Yes, the numbers will increase. India has over 400 fatal traffic accidents every day. I’ve been there, I can see why! That would be over 32,000 deaths so far this year.

Let’s contemplate some questions and of course there are many more. Way more. Too many for this already very long blog post.

Why are only “essential” businesses allowed to be open and who determines what “essential” is? Who picks and chooses which businesses are allowed to be open and what workers are allowed to work?  The essential and the non-essential….give that some thought! 

Why are churches told to close, but hardware stores and furniture stores are allowed to be open? Oh, churches are not essential…that’s right. Just meet online; while offerings plummet, people suffer, and some church doors will be closed permanently (some need to be). But not to worry, we will encourage people to keep giving. How’s that? People are losing their businesses and their jobs! Where is the money to give supposed to come from? 

Jesus said He was building His ekklesia and the gates of Hades would not prevail against it. According to Jesus the Ekklesia is essential. He will take care of His own without government help. God’s Kingdom economy is not affected by the world’s economy.

Why is Google and Facebook right in the middle of all this? And, why is Facebook deleting some posts about CoVid-19?

Why are we being pushed to use technology right now? Virtual classrooms, virtual church, virtual work, virtual communication, etc. Who monitors and controls all this? Who can shut this all down in an instant?

Why is our government paying people to stay home and not work, no really?  

Why are we destroying an amazing economy over this, that will no doubt, cause more of a health and financial crisis around the globe than this virus? 

Why is the middle class being especially targeted? Why are many small businesses being destroyed?

Why is there so much government control and take over being allowed to happen, even during a Republican controlled Senate and White House?

Did you see the Virtual Town Hall on Fox News? Why did the President say there were “doctors” who wanted to shut down the country for two years? Two Years!! Experts they say! We should listen to the doctors and experts! Why do we automatically listen to and obey doctors?  I am thankful we have the absolute best medical care in the world. I appreciate doctors, nurses and all health care workers. They work hard and do the very best they can, but they are not God. They do not have all the answers nor all the remedies.

Who are the so called “experts”?

Why does our government listen to the globalist World Health Organization led by Dr. Tedros who is a Marxist? Why did the expert Dr. Fauci throw a fit yesterday at a news conference when asked about the W.H.O. and his friend Dr. Tedros, the director-general of the W.H.O.?

Why did our government pass three “emergency relief ” bills totaling 3.5 trillion dollars? And, why is this last bill called “CARES Act”, full of pet projects and pork? (CARES Act sounds similar to Affordable Care Act) This bill is the largest so-called stimulus relief spending bill in our history, 2.2 trillion dollars and our politicians are sending large sums of it to other countries for other purposes. They are talking about a fourth and fifth phase of “stimulus”!

Why is the government willing to give 11 billion dollars from this “CARES Act” to ADF and the AfDB that help fund development and poverty eradication efforts in Africa. And, the IDA (a subsidiary of the World Bank) that gives to poor countries in general. There is too much waste and garbage in this bill to list here.

Why is the Fed pumping 4 trillion dollars of liquidity into the system and printing money when we are 23.5 trillion dollars in debt now?

Why did the president say that 24 trillion dollars of debt was the point of no return?

Why did Nancy Pelosi try to get “digital money” in the relief bill?

Why did all this happen so fast…or did it?

If this is really about health and safety, life and death, why is our government giving 500 billion dollars to the airline industry and only 100 billion dollars to hospitals in the 3rd “relief” bill?

If it is about health, why do they allow so many dangerous toxins in our consumer products? Why do they allow so many chemicals and toxic junk in our food, water and air? Why do they allow so many dangerous medications that have severe side affects? Some that cause suicides and death.

Why is very little done about the epidemic of illegal drugs that are killing people?  Why do some Liberals want to legalize drugs and have an open border policy? Why? I bet they like closed borders now especially since the top four hardest hit states are liberal border states (New York, Washington, California, New Jersey).

If it is really about health, why are 1,660 people dying of cancer each and every day in America? 133,000 so far this year! We have not shut the country down to get this under control or for any other disease.

Why do we allow 3000 babies to be murdered every day in the US, if this lock down is about health and safety? That’s approximately 240,000 so far this year!

Why are some gun stores being shut down? 

Why is there a threat of shutting water and electricity off in some localities for non-compliance of closing your business? In some areas people can be fined for disobeying stay at home orders? 

Why are criminals being released from prisons and the police being told to stand down in certain places?

Why is it that during a crisis, legislation is enacted, rules are made, guidelines are published, but once the crisis is over much of these laws stay in place permanently?

Why did all this happen in an election year in the US after three years of trying to remove this President from office when most people vote according to the economy?

Why did we have to act with such speed and urgency?

Why do most of our local authorities use for Coronavirus models to make such decisions as stay at home orders when this model was made by Democratic activists and is filled with bogus data? 62% of the infected are in four states, but still many communities across the country are on a lock down. 

These are just some of the things we know….what do we not know?

I have a few more questions. I will start with this one; Who benefits from all this? 

Who is behind limiting our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of movement?

Who is behind strangling our finances and retirement accounts?

Who’s agenda are we cooperating with?

Why do Globalists and Climate Changers want population control?

Why has Socialism, Marxism and Communism killed so many people? 

NO! It is NOT about the virus and it is NOT about our health or safety. There is a diabolical agenda at play. I will not be a willing participant.

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them..,Eph 5:11.

May everything come to light. Ekklesia arise and come to maturity. True apostles and prophets come forth! We were created for such times as these. This is a time to deepen your fellowship with the Lord. Know Him, His voice and His ways and be obedient from the motivation of love. 

But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. For this reason it says,”Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.” Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is, Eph 5:13-17.

In the midst of all I mentioned here, God is at work in His people and in the nations. He is restoring us to His original design. Our identity and purpose are being restored. Authority is being regained. Ekklesia is coming back. Normal church life will not work any longer, it was never intended to. The foundation of the Ekklesia, true apostles and prophets are coming forth and the Cornerstone (Jesus) is manifesting Himself differently. A great harvest of souls will come to America. A RESET is coming! You can choose to participate in this or watch from the sidelines. I choose to participate. 

Reside in the place of peace and rest. 

Joe Nicola

3 thoughts on “Questions for Consideration

  • My Question is this:

    Since man on this planet has decided God doesn’t matter, Sexuality doesn’t matter, Life doesn’t matter, Sin is Good and Love is hate, and I could go on as long as your post and so could you, is it possible that this is God’s Judgment on mankind? The pattern of God’s Judgment in the Bible has always been Pestilence, Famine and the Sword. We are in pestilence, the farmers MAY not be able to get crops in worldwide this year – Famine, and finally, once this pandemic is over there is going to be hell to pay regarding who started this pandemic – war the Sword. If it walks like duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck – its probably a duck.

    My prayer is that mankind will turn back to knowing and doing God’s ways and that God will spare mankind if it’s not too late.


    • Could it be God’s judgment? I do not believe so. We reap consequences as a result of sin which in itself is a type of judgement. My posts and comments about this virus is coming from the perspective that it isn’t about the virus, which has everyone’s attention and causing the massive overreacton to it. If your focus is the virus and how bad it is, that will lead you to think and behave a certain way. The virus didn’t shut our economy down, our government did in response to it, which is going to cause more problems than this virus will, just for starters. There is much more going on. You have to look beyond the virus, it is not the problem. The last part of your comment about it may be too late for mankind. No, there will be a great harvest, there will also be a falling away, (apostasy – political revolt) from the Lord. God does not prefer judgement on mankind like this. He is longsuffering and desires none should perish. As we know there will come the appointed time of the end, this isn’t it.


      • Joe,

        I will ponder this. I agree that there is much more than the virus going on here.

        I believe this is just the beginning of Gods judgment. I’m not saying what I believe can’t be changed but according to a vision I had 3 years ago (which I’m still not sure wasn’t a vain imagination but it’s sure beginning to look like it was a real vision) everything I saw looks like it is unfolding. In one respect the church is going underground. (Part of that vision) Church’s with buildings such as yours won’t be able to sustain under these conditions for long so although not in exactly the way it was revealed to me , the effect of church going underground or away from the present day church model, has the appearance of manifestation. We will see.

        If this is just the first wave of judgment man still has time to change but I don’t see that happening. I honestly believe that the “church” in most cases has become more of a business “a whore” than a spiritual institution in a majority of cases. I also believe man has defiled the church allowing the spiritual atrocities which are too numerous to mention but gay ministers and gay couples being commonly accepted are two. The departure from what Jesus’s version of His Body is is beyond obvious, far from the spotless bride we are supposed to be.

        If this isn’t a form Gods judgment I am wondering what you think Gods judgment would look like. Historically, in the Bible, it’s been pestilence, famine and the sword In various forms or another. In the days of Moses God gave pharaoh 10 chances to change. In the end pharaoh never did change. He died. Moses wasn’t afraid of the things God was doing because he knew they weren’t for him. Further, back to the present, if the farmers can’t get their crops in there may be famine. We will see what happens. I’m not going to speculate on the sword (war)but if that begins to happen on a scale dwarfing today’s skirmish’s this will certainly begin to look like God’s judgment, in my opinion.

        I believe this is Gods judgment but I do respect your perspective and opinion and as I said I will continue to ponder that perspective. It certainly is easier to swallow than mine. Love you Joe.

        Best Regards,

        Russ Hunt, the Computer Guy
        700 N Grand Ave
        Independence MO 64050
        (816) 833-4475 Calls & Texting


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