Let’s Pay Closer Attention

Pay attention to the phrase, “new normal”. This is what we are told when we are expected to accept change. I have made video blogs and written about Covid-19 and the overreaction to it since it began. Many of the things I have mentioned are now coming to light. We have experienced a fear pandemic that will have long term health and economic impacts. So many people are scared to death now. It will be interesting to see how people respond when the country is opened back up and for how long.

This is a real virus and it is making many people sick and leading to some death. Thank God not nearly as bad as the experts have told us. My purpose is not to make light of that, but only to expose another side. This virus is nowhere near as bad as we have been told nor will it be. There have been so many misrepresentations beyond what I have mentioned in other blogs, too many to list here.

The so called cure is worse than the virus. Of course, we are being told that the government health policies of extreme stay at home measures and social distancing is what is making the difference. “If you listen to us and do what we say, everything will be fine, but if you don’t, there will be horrific consequences”. At the same time keeping the public from building a herd immunity and therefore possibly allowing this virus to stick around, until we have “the vaccine”, of course. There was no good reason for shutting down our country like we did.

If you haven’t been paying attention, it would be a good idea to start now. If you haven’t been involved in politics and government before or believe the “church” should stay out of politics, perhaps you now see why Christians should be involved. We are called by God to be the ones who shape culture. Politics and government affect the lives of every citizen, as we have seen. If we care about people we will care about politics and government. We will preach it from our pulpits and encourage our congregations to be engaged. At very least, we all can be informed voters and vote according to what the Scripture says concerning the issues. That would be a good start.

Prior to this current crisis I have been asked a couple times about whether or not I believe President Trump would be reelected. I said yes, unless there is a major crisis that crashes our economy since most people vote based on the economy. Well, here we are just seven months away from the election in the midst of an economic disaster, which, will take some time to feel the impact. President Trump may be in trouble for reelection if the D’s had a candidate, which they don’t, right now. The President is in an extremely tough spot. Regardless of what he has done or does now it will be used against him. This is part of the plan, to remove this president from office. This time they will try the Constitutional way; getting us, the people, to remove him by our vote. I do not believe it will work, however we must not relax thinking everything will just work out. It is going to take time to get this economy back up and running, without a miracle. The longer they drag this “shelter in place” order out the worse it will be and longer it will take. How will this shake out? I believe it is up to the ekklesia. We need to continue to pray the will of God for our President and his team to make wise godly decisions.

We need to pray and prophesy the will of God.

Did you see this? The president agreed in theory with having a national Covid-19 surveillance tracking system being worked on by his son-in-law Jared Kushner. What!? This is troubling to say the least! He did say he has to see it first but agreed with the idea.

According to Newsweek; Kushner’s task force has reportedly contacted numerous health technology companies to create a system that would allow the federal government to track patients seeking treatments for coronavirus at hospitals across the country and whether hospitals can treat those patients. Ostensibly, the system would serve two functions: to allow the federal government to allocate resources to hospitals in need and to assess whether different areas should relax or increase their social distancing measures.

Surely this couldn’t be used for more nefarious unconstitutional means! Sounds more like Communist China than the United States of America! Dangerous precedents are being set all around. Advantage is being taken during this crisis to implement agendas. “Never let a crisis go to waste” as the saying goes. Just listen to the experts and the politicians on both sides of the political aisle. I have heard some crazy things from Republicans as well as Democrats. They tell us what they are all about if we pay attention.

We need to pray and prophesy the will of God.

Persecution of Christianity has been on the uptick for several years in America. Christianity is the most persecuted religion worldwide. Christianity or I should say, true followers of Christ, are a real threat to Satan and his domain. Therefore, we are a threat to those who desire to destroy this country, rip up our Constitution, erase our history and fundamentally change this nation. Christianity has to be overcome before our nation is overcome. I would say to some degree true Christianity has been overcome, but it is not too late for a reset.

Our civil liberties are being tested. This fear pandemic is a storm that has tested the foundation we have built our lives on as well as the building materials we have used. It has shown us who or what we have put our faith in and whose voice we are listening to. Perhaps, some Christians have put too much faith in President Trump or other politicians. Our faith is to be in Christ and in Him alone, it cannot be in ourselves, our jobs, our favorite preacher, other people or anything this world has to offer. 

We need to pray and prophesy the will of God.

Jezebel is alive and active in every sphere of our nation. Yes, even in Christianity. It is recorded in Revelation 2 in a letter Jesus had John write to the ekklesia at Thyatira that they were tolerating the woman Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess. Simply stated, a prophet is one who speaks a message from the Lord. After Elijah had an amazing victory over the false prophets of Baal and killed 900 of them, there was a devasting turn of events. In 1 Kings 19 Jezebel sent a “message” to this great miracle working prophet. Just a message, Jezebel didn’t appear in person. The message was informing Elijah she was going to kill him. Elijah’s first reaction was fear, which caused him to run for his life. This demonic influence of Jezebel caused Elijah to say and do things he wouldn’t ordinarily say or do. Instead of overcoming it he succumbed to it. This led to the loss of his prophetic mantle. We see the same thing happen to John the Baptist. John had the spirit of Elijah and he also came under the influence of this demonic controlling spirit and it too caused him to be confused and eventually lose his prophetic voice by losing is head. We cannot tolerate this Jezebel Spirit in any manner, in any place to any degree! Notice again that Jesus said, “You tolerate Jezebel”. It was up to the ekklesia to stop tolerating it, not up to Jesus. He gave the power and authority to accomplish His will and destroy all the works of the devil! We must do it and stop asking God to do what He called us to do.  

We must pray. But we must pray according to the will of God, not our own will. James 5:16 says the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. Effective prayer is praying according to God’s will. One man, not a prayer chain, not everyone or even most. There is not more power in prayer because more people are praying the same prayer at the same time! That would be magic or witch craft. God is relational not transactional. No, one man praying effectively can accomplish the will of God. Determine to be that one man. There is a new normal coming, but not what we are being told it is.

Joe Nicola

One thought on “Let’s Pay Closer Attention

  • I can see both sides. I think God gave us Wisdom and we should use it. Not saying that’s not happening here but there are always extremes. As believers, we set the example – salt of the world. That’s a big responsibility and one I personally don’t take lightly. Blessings and much Love!!



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