Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Government and politics are vitally important because they affect the life of every person in the nation. 

The United States is a Constitutional Republic made up of 50 individual states. A brilliant form of government with a Constitution that restricts government from infringing on the God given rights and freedom of all men. Freedom and liberty unleash the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit like no other form of government on earth ever has. But even the best form of government appears to be bad government when you have corrupt men in it. 

Many people say our system of government is broken. I would agree that some things definitely need to be changed, others completely eliminated and the power the federal government stole from the states returned. Federal government has grown and centralized power over the years. The judicial system has been allowed to assume more authority than our Constitution affords them. However, the basic system of our government as laid out in the Constitution does not need to be “fixed” it needs to be restored.

One, among many misunderstandings of the Constitution, is that our three branches of government are co-equal. They are not. The three branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, have Separation of Powers for the purpose of providing checks and balances on each other. Each have their own respective duties that are exclusive of one another. Congress has more power and authority as they are closer to “we the people” as our representatives. This co-equal misunderstanding along with ignorance of our Constitution in general has led to giving the office of the President and the Supreme Court more power and authority than the Constitution allows. 

Elected officials come and go. The President is in office for a maximum of 8 years. Senators are elected to 6 year terms and Representatives 2 year terms. We hire and fire those who “we the people” decide to represent us through elections. Every vote is critical even in local elections as we have discovered through the Covid-19 crisis. 

There is an incredible number of unelected bureaucrats that are not subject to elections that stay, in many cases, for a lifetime. These unelected bureaucrats have been allowed to obtain power and authority they should never have. Some are using it to manipulate, control and implement their own agenda out of the public eye and not subject to elections, thanks to a corrupt mainstream media. During the Covid-19 crisis there has been attempts at giving these unelected people more power, which removes power from “we the people”. 

With that being said, corrupt men straying from our Constitution is the main reason we have so many problems in government that obviously affects every person in our country. As Christians this should concern us to the point we do something about it, if we love people of course. Too many Christians and Christian leaders just bury their head in the sand or worse, are complicit. 

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6

In a similar way, the number one reason we have so many troubling issues within Christianity is the result of straying from God and His written word, the Scripture. Instead of being the Salt and Light we are called to be representing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as His representative ambassadors, we have conformed to the image of the world. Multitudes of Christians and entire denominations have succumbed to the pressure of conforming to the world; they have lost a Biblical worldview and their God given identity and purpose. There are so many unscriptural ideas on so many topics we barely resemble a small fraction of true Apostolic Christianity of the Bible. The message of the Gospel has been watered down to be acceptable, tolerant and non-confrontational to a sinful culture and sinful Christians. The fact is the truth of the Gospel offends the worldly soul. The message of the cross offends, you cannot escape it unless you change it. Jesus offended many, especially the legalistic religious establishment. 

Today we call music and singing worship. “Worship” has become entertainment based on personal preference. Sin has been redefined. Grace has been corrupted and received in vain. Love and tolerance have been distorted, redefined and misapplied. A perverted gospel of Social Justice and Liberation Theology is being taught in seminaries and preached from pulpits across America. This denies the power of the cross and the blood of Christ!

Our culture accepts “sexual immorality” as normal, so do many Christians. Culture accepts fornication, sex before marriage, so do many Christians. Culture accepts the murder of unborn babies, sadly, some Christians do too. Culture has accepted the homosexual lifestyle, so has many Christians, churches and entire denominations. Culture has accepted the redefining of marriage, so has many Christians, churches and denominations. Many in our country are actively pushing us towards Socialism and Marxism, tragically so are many Christians and Christian leaders. Either willingly or unwillingly it is still happening. And on and on it goes. When we stray from God and His Word it opens a door to the curse and eventual destruction. Destruction that is self-inflicted I might add. This process is repeated over and over again all throughout the Old Testament with Israel. The nation followed God and was blessed. The nation strayed from God and they were defeated by their enemies and driven into bondage. 

When we stray from God and His Word it opens a door to the curse and eventual destruction.

Marxism and Socialism are becoming more popular…again. Is it any surprise that Marxism is mixing with Christianity to deceive the elect…if possible? Some are even saying Jesus was a Socialist! Crazy! Marxism and Socialism lead to Communism which strips personal freedoms, property rights and human dignity by a harsh task master; corrupt men in seats of power. It promises a utopia of equality and fairness but, delivers nothing short of bondage, poverty and death. This is the exact opposite of what Jesus came to give us, life and life more abundant, John 10:10. The same (zoe) life Christ lived. It is most amazing watching many Christians and leaders come under the deluding influence of this demonic scheme and even helping with the demise of Christianity. 

The US Constitution is not compatible with Marxism. One of them must be destroyed. 

The terms; Marxism, Socialism and Communism are unpopular and not acceptable to the majority of Americans. So, the words have changed to Liberalism, Progressivism, Democratic Socialism and the like to make it more palatable until the more accurate words can be used. Make no mistake, words may change but, the agenda is the same. The ignorance of Marxism and Communism is extremely troubling, especially among Christians. We have strayed from Scripture and from the Constitution and we have just entered a violent storm. Christian persecution is upon us. Fear of sickness and death has caused the majority to freely give up their freedoms for safety. Racism is being used to stir up the people. These riots are not about racism, they are about cultural change led by Communists. The Marxist/Communists are using racism to help expedite change. Marxists believe change comes through the struggle and change is happening, quickly. Their goal is believing “we the people” will tire of the chaos and compromise by giving up more freedom to stop the riots. Push for an extreme but settle for further progress toward the Marxist goal, totalitarianism. You see, the call to abolish the police is an attempt to push ever closer to what they want by getting governing authorities to compromise and make changes to policing across the nation. And it is happening. It is truly shocking how many Christians and Christian leaders are ignorant of the scheme and falling into the trap. Many of them believe this is about racism, it is not. This is nothing new, it is Satan’s age old playbook. 

Scripture is not compatible with Marxism. One of them must be destroyed.

Christian persecution is here and rising in our nation, sadly it is coming from Christians and non-Christians alike. An unholy alliance (a three-stranded cord) between big government, big business and religion for the purpose of establishing Socialism in our nation is being formed. Christianity has been infiltrated by Marxists and is misleading many. How far will it go? A spiritual line has been drawn. Purification often comes through the trial of persecution. Apparently, we need it. 

We, the Ekklesia, must return to the Lord! Return to the pure, undiluted truth of Christ, the Living Word. We must lay down our toys and desire for feel good messages and musical entertainment in our meetings. We must return to Scripture, effective prayer and the pursuit of a Christ-like life. We must truly become who we are and pursue intimate fellowship with our Father. We simply must put our trust in God and God alone. We must be careful to listen to His voice and be obedient to Him. Will the true Ekklesia find her voice? In the beginning God spoke to the chaos and order came. This is just simple basic Christianity. 

We are in the midst of a cultural civil war in America.

As 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, My people who are called by My name humble themselves and prayed seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Have we humbled ourselves? Have we sought the face of God? Have we turned from our wicked ways? Or, have we just “prayed about it”? When we have traveled down a road and realize we are headed in the wrong direction, do we just keep going hoping it will turn into the right road? That’s foolish! The wrong direction never turns into the right direction. We must repent, turn to Him, and get back on the right path.

There is only One voice we should be listening to.

Freedom or captivity, we choose. God already chose life for us and He tells us to choose life or death, the blessing or the curse, Deut. 30. It is our choice.

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It is up to us if we allow the Constitution to be destroyed on our watch. Why is it important? Because it affects the life of every person in our nation and if we care about people we will care about our Constitution, politics and government. 

We should also remember that our politicians are NOT our leaders. They are our servants, hired by us and fired by us. That is the power “we the people” have by voting. With every passing election it is more and more apparent that EVERY vote is needed and EVERY vote counts. It is our responsibility to be an informed Kingdom minded voter. November elections are coming quickly and we will decide if we want to be a socialist nation or a free nation. Yes, that is what will be determined in this election, freedom or captivity. 

It is up to us if we allow Christianity to become more corrupt and irrelevant. A separation is happening between the wheat and the tares. A Harvest is coming and not everyone will participate. Get prepared and stay prepared. Choose revival by starting one in yourself. 

May true apostles and prophets arise!

Joe Nicola

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