Ekklesia at Caesarea Philippi

https://youtu.be/DNM3nylk1cM In Matthew 16 Jesus walked with His disciples to a place in Northern Israel called Caesarea Philippi. It was a very evil location at that time. False gods and idols were worshipped there along with animal sacrifice. The gates of hades was a reference to a large cave located there. When they arrived, Jesus … Continue reading Ekklesia at Caesarea Philippi

Government & Politics

Most Americans value their private lives; family, friends, career, entertainment, commerce, etc. As a result, public life; community, the nation, government and politics is secondary. This seems to work for us since we believe that government's purpose is to protect us and guard our rights and freedoms as the US Constitution outlines. However, when government … Continue reading Government & Politics

Christians & Government

This is an updated blog post from 10 months ago. Government is very important and it was first created by God. God's Kingdom is a governmental system. When we receive Christ as Lord He rescues us from the domain of darkness, (a governmental system) and transfers us to the kingdom of His beloved Son (another governmental system). The … Continue reading Christians & Government